Printing Datasets

//PRNTEXM JOB (ACCT), ‘PRINT JOB’ //PRINT EXEC PGM=IDCAMS //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //INPUT DD DSN=STUDENT.TEST.INPUT, DISP=OLD //SYSIN DD * PRINT                             – INFILE (FILENAME)  – SKIP (2)                          – COUNT (4)                     – CHAR /* //  The PRINT command is used to print VSAM and NON VSAM data sets. It dumps the contents of input file to an…


SKIP and COUNT command

REPRO                                                                      – INDATASET(STUDENT.TEST.INPUT)             – OUTDATASET(STUDENT.KSDS.CLUSTER)   – SKIP (2)                                                                     – COUNT (4) The SKIP and COUNT is used to selectively copy records to the output file. In this case the first 2 records are skipped and only the next 4 records are copied to the output file. If SKIP is ignored then default value is SKIP (0)…


Script to get object count in each schema in oracle

select owner,
max( decode( object_type, ‘TABLE’, cnt, null ) ) Tables,
max( decode( object_type, ‘VIEW’, cnt, null ) ) Views,
max( decode( object_type, ‘TRIGGER’, cnt, null ) ) triggers,
max( decode( object_type, ‘PACKAGE’, cnt, null ) ) packages
from ( select owner, object_type, count(*) cnt
from dba_objects
group by owner, object_type )
group by owner;